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At Front Elevation we use the research, technical information and images from our Case Studies to produce regular Editorial copy, which in turn is circulated to the many contacts we have within the construction industry media. So whilst these articles very rarely acknowledge the source, all of the following pieces are wholly or substantially based on our Press Releases and in 2013 we secured over £35,000 of Editorial for our existing clients. Here are some examples:

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The importance of post order marketing

by Paul Scott

In my experience of selling into the construction industry, regardless of the product or service, the process is very similar.


You secure the order, you get a slap on the back, it gets chalked up on the board, (before getting wiped off at the end of the month) and then we move on to the next one.

The process starts all over again and unless something catastrophic happens, last month’s orders are, well, yesterday’s news.

But are they?

How do we make these orders work a bit harder for us?
(Yes you have guessed, this is where Front Elevation come in)

Post Order MarketingIf your products are specified, wouldn’t other specifiers like to see them in situ?. After all, whilst catalogues and web-sites are great, isn’t it best to see photos of your products on a building project, offering that design enhancement or solving that problem. Photographs of that July order or a Case Study showing how your products solved a particular problem can be put on your website or used as one of the most cost effective advertising mediums, PR!!!.

It doesn’t stop there, who else might be interested in seeing that photo / case study. Hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of potential customers and specifiers might be. How do we reach these people, What about other buyers or estimators? The list is endless. I have worked with architects where three architects in one office specified my products and the two others didn’t. How do we use our past projects to try to overcome that?

Major Main Contractors and House Builders may have 7 or 8 offices all with their own supply chain teams. If one office uses you, then why not the other 6 offices? Perhaps one contractor may have several different divisions, Rail, Education, Health, Defence, Civils, House Building, Public Sector etc etc. If one division knows of you, how much more scope is there with just that one customer?

Front Elevation can not only get that project photographed, (without telegraph poles etc) but we can also help you write up the associated case study. For example who were the architects? who was your supplier / installer? was it specified? Who were the clients? Did it offer a particular solution? Was it standard or bespoke?

Front Elevation can use our industry publishing contacts to secure great rates on PR and Advertising. We can use these case studies and photos to write up and design advertisements or specialist literature. There is an absolute raft of options that we can offer to get your products in front of potential customers. We can also make sure that your latest news page actually, contains the latest news, with our monthly update service.

Front Elevation can keep that order working for you, long after it has been wiped off the order board!!

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