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At Front Elevation we use the research, technical information and images from our Case Studies to produce regular Editorial copy, which in turn is circulated to the many contacts we have within the construction industry media. So whilst these articles very rarely acknowledge the source, all of the following pieces are wholly or substantially based on our Press Releases and in 2013 we secured over £35,000 of Editorial for our existing clients. Here are some examples:

Paul Scott features in Natural Stone Magazine - Dec 2013

Another literary gem from Front Elevation

I have had a look around a few of the advertisers in the magazine and noted 'there is still much to do' with regards to website updating and Case Studies.


It would seem from all of our lead generation research that as far as the construction market is concerned, that not only can we now ee the tunnel but we can also see the light at the end of it.


There is a huge amount of projects (literally billions of pounds) going through planning in London alone ad we are talking about 4 - 5 years of work coming out of the ground by thhhh end of this year.


Manufacturers and contractors who want to get their share of the upturn need to stand up and be counted and raising your profile is one way of doing just that. Companies who have been downsizing over the last 6 or 7 years will not be able to handle the volume (or may have to sub-out the work). You need to be at the front of the queue.


As far as suppliers are concerned contractors will need to spread their risk for credit reasons and will not wish to put all their eggs in one basket. New architects wont have seen anything like this upsurge and will be looking for new faces. This is almost a unique year.


Nat Stone Dec 13 RS


If you miss the 2014 bus, there wont be coming along in threes. It might be another 4-5 years before another opportunity comes along with this much scope again.




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