Fully Integrated Marketing Services

Fully Integrated Marketing Services


"One Phone Call - One Contact - One Invoice"

front elevation marketingFront Elevation offer a range of 'Fixed-Price' Business Development Services to suit all sectors of the construction industry. Our marketing services are honed from 25 years Technical Sales & Marketing Experience working with manufacturers, merchants, distributors and contractors.

In the current climate relationships are key and Front Elevation can help you develop your client base by bringing your company to life in hard copy and social media.

Many of our clients are not new to outsourcing their services when it comes to marketing.

They have their usual photographer, then they use someone for graphic design, of course there is their advertising agency and they write up their Case Studies in-house and give them to the website designer, then it goes to their I.T. or website hosting services - Phew!!. It sounds a bit like organising the 2012 Olympics.

OK so you can send out one of your Reps with his camera phone and take a few shots. No problem with that, as a photographer I appreciate how good iPhones & even iPads are nowadays. However good these are for facebook or Twitter (and they are) its no use for brochures or websites and pdf case studies.

By engaging Front Elevation we can deal with the whole shooting match.

  1. Order Received  - Twitter - Press Release
  2. Order Started - Twitter - Facebook
  3. Start On Site - Twitter - Facebook - Blog - Website News Page
  4. Mid Project - Twitter - Facebook - Blog - Website News Page
  5. Project Complete - Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Website Project Portfolio, Case Study, Brochure, Newsletter,  Press Release, Advertisement, Company Magazine, pdf email.


Website Design

front elevation web designYour website is your shop-front and it tells your clients and future clients a lot about your company.

Front Elevation can design and host your site giving you full control. It doesn't matter if you don't know your chocolate digestives from your cookies, leave it all to us.

We are not interested in the bells and whistles or all the things you can do. We deal with functionality, how quick is it to navigate, can you view it on an iPad or Mobile Phone (very important nowadays), does your media link up with it such as facebook, Blog or QR Codes on brochures and Case Studies.

Perhaps most importantly, Is it up to date. Unfortunately if your Latest News is dated 2011 it says a lot about your company.
By having one company carry out all these functions it gives you a fully integrated presentation. All your outgoing media can be matched up to form a 'Brand' and it's just One Invoice & One Payment.


Website Design -  Publication Quality Project & Product Photography - Company Brochure  and Magazine Design - Press Releases - Blogs  - Facebook Pages - Technical Case Studies - Advertising - Copy Writing - Public Relations - Events - Corporate Functions - Seminars.

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